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We are not only Website Developers we are also Website Designers, this means we offer a broad spectrum of services to help your business succeed and thrive online. Working with our clients through design, development, launch and marketing of their websites we strive to offer the best service and quality possible, all for an affordable price.

Foo Solutions can help you build a strong online presence working for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week, backed by pro-active support keeping you informed about new opportunities which are available to you, keeping you ahead of the curve and helping you convert visitors into customers is our aim by creating confidence in your products, to do this we make sure it's got a great design resting on well engineered foundations and features. We pride ourselves on being flexible, and because of this we have a plethora of solutions we can provide, we go above and beyond to give you all of the elements you need to achieve your business objectives.

Brochure Website Design

Our Brochure Website Design Service is ideal for individuals or businesses who want an online presence to showcase their products or services

A brochure website is just that, an online brochure displaying information about your company, services, products or any other subject matter, this can host detailed information which is available to your visitors to consume at any time day or night, as well as providing other automated tasks and features.

For example you may wish to have a contact form, secure login pages for your customers to access sensitive or restricted information based on subscription or the ability to change the items displayed using a simple to use administration control panel, the only real limitation is your imagination as we love what we do and are capable of delivering what you need, when you need it.

Self Editable Website Design

Want to put your own personal touch on your site? need to update it frequently?

If you would like to be able to change your text, images and other content yourself but also have our support should you get out of your depth, then the Content Management or Self Editable Website Design Package is what you need, We setup the initial look and feel of the site and then put your initial text, images and other content in for you, then you simply change what you like when you like with a simple editor, and best of all when you click save its live!

Click here to find out more about our Self Managable CMS Websites

Ecommerce Website Design

Our Ecommerce Website Design Packages gives you your very own online shop, displaying products in effective ways and allowing your customers to find what they want and buy online

If you have products and services you would like to sell online the ecommerce website design services we offer are just what you need, we talk to you about your requirements and then craft a solution that meets your needs.

Common features of an ecommerce website include search, and listing of products or services, shopping carts, administration areas that allow for adding, modifying or removing product details, pictures and media, they also allow for purchase via credit card or other online payment service including but not limited to google checkout and paypal as well as email capturing for online email marketing purposes and much more.

Bespoke Website Design Services

If your project doesn't fall into any of the other categories you will need a completely custom website design package

Please contact us with the project specification and we'll get back to you with details of how we intend to make it a reality and a competative quotation.

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